Welcome to Aristoberry Place and Gallery!

Tazio’s Perfection

The aim of this web site is to explore views and opinions on the work and lives of several Australian artists, who use different media of artistic expression, who have distinct approaches to art creation, have a range of education backgrounds, unique views and experiences, and all have strong views on how art could (and perhaps should) be experienced online.

The web site also features a gallery, which is part of a project aiming at exploring new ways of presenting and experiencing traditional art forms (such as oil paintings, drawings or sculpture) online (e.g. on the web). It is our intention to build bridges between artists and the new generation of art lovers, between tradition and technology, between constraints of physical properties of fine art and the fluidity of online technology, and between unconstrained creativity of artists and the limitations of electronic media. This is a research project in Fine Art and Information Technology.

On a Park Bench

The study is conducted in collaboration with a number of Australian fine artists, Deakin University, its researchers and students. Together we wish to design a virtual gallery that would present artists and their work in novel ways, so that viewing of art online would be simple and yet offering satisfying experience.

At this point in time, Aristoberry Place only provides information about the participating artists and shows some of their work, images of which have been collected in the galery. With time we will include more information about artists, interviews with them and showcases of their art work presented using the tools and methods developed by Deakin University staff and students.

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