Aristoberry, through its gallery and this books site, provides information about the selected Australian visual arts, artists, their lives and their work. The following artists are featured in this gallery:

Contemporary Art art has been present in Australia since the Second World War – the art that is distinct, occasionally shocking and often rejected by the mainstream of the Australian culture. Australian Contemporary artists commonly stand at the forefront of the new trends, sometimes they struggle against the waves of the artistic currents, and always they push the envelope of public acceptability. Frequently, the work of these artists is first heralded at the international forums, well before it is recognised back home. Many of the Contemporary artists eventually become part of the Australian mainstream, while others remain true to their rebellious convictions and stay appreciated within the small circles of art admirers. Unfortunately, the earliest examples of Contemporary art is often locked in private collections, dispersed across small galleries, and ultimately lost to the future generations of Australians. This online gallery aims to capture, preserve and support the Australian art – that of the past, present and future.

Aristoberry Gallery and the associated Aristoberry Books have been created to promote Australian Contemporary artists, recognise their talent and present their work to the general public.

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