Others about Felix

Henry Pessar, Painter, Paris

“Felix Tuszynski allows us suddenly to travel into his secret world, into his soul. We follow him, he takes our hand and guides us towards God; we have the happiness to enter into his metaphysical perception of our universe. ….Splendid creations by an artist who has his place in front of the most interesting artists of our time, an artist who penetrates a world full of eternity.”

Alan Sumner, Painter and Led Lighter, Australia

Felix is an instinctive artist. His pictures are an art equivalent of deeply felt life experiences of world political scenes not too long ago, from a happy childhood through the hell we, who escaped it, too glibly refer to as the “Holocaust”, to the delightful period since – the happiness of his themes. His new joy is manifest in his creations”

Dr. Agnieszka Morawinska, Art Historian and Polish Ambasador to Australia, Poland

“Tuszynski himself wonders about the spirit guiding his hand. The artist’s drawings are not premeditated. They seem to spring out of a repertoire of forms contained in the deep layers of the artist’s psyche as well as a diligent, patient practice of drawing. The memory and the patience are Tuszynski’s heritage from his forefathers who used to decorate holy books in the city of Plock.”

Devi Tuszynski, Miniaturists, Paris

“Your last paintings are faces which reveal the secret of your soul. Your exceptional pictures with their technical quality are so near your spirit – a world of reality imagined in rhythm, form and colours.

These are travels in yourself, things which you have lived again and again a thousand times. Your remembrances, which haunt your days and nights, come out to leave a trace and tangible sign of a time which left a mark on us forever, and on you even more being a sensitive artist.

I congratulate you for your art and for yourself. I wish that your artistic road leads you toward the rays of the sun and hope.”

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